Alaskan Husky Tours

05.06.2015 17:08
I am back in Norway, and running Alaskan Husky Tours outside Røros. Offering unique outdoor experiences for our guests, half day, full day and overnight trips by dog team. I am also starting up my own racing kennel, Skomvær Kennel. Focusing on long distance racing, the Femund 600 and Finnmark 1000km, and hopefully eventually return to Alaska to try the Iditarod. Follow skomvær kennel here : Follow Alaskan Husky Tours:
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Finished 4th in the Aurora 50/50

05.01.2014 00:11
I had an exciting and tough run in the Aurora 50/50, which runs on our local training trails here in Big Lake. The temperature was unusually high, above freezing alot of the time. Trails where wet and slow all the way, makes for a good training run for both musher and dogs. The race runs over two days, and acts like a stage race. You race 50 miles on day 1, go home and sleep, and get back on day 2 for the last 50 miles. The winner is the team with the best total time over the two days. I ended u...
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New Season in Alaska

04.09.2013 20:04
A new season of dog mushing is upon us, and Im back in Big Lake with my four legged friends. I will be working with mostly the same team I ran last year in the Quest. 4 new reinforcements have arrived from Zack Steer, I cant wait to start training and getting to know these lovely dogs. Fort Norway After arriving back to Big Lake Ive been building a Yurt, where I will be staying this winter. Its beautifully located along Fish Creek, on opposite side of where the kennel is. The stove is now instal...
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Yukon Quest summary - To the finish line

11.07.2013 20:57
Mile 101 - Two Rivers I don't really get any sleep at Mile 101. I spend to much time eating and drinking, that by the time I wanna sleep, it's only 20 minutes until I have to start preparing to leave. So I end up just getting a quick power nap under the table, before I start gathering up all my clothes and head out to the dogs. By this point, my movements are pretty slow and sluggish. My handler comments that I look kinda tired, and I say something like "Yeah, I think you get tired in a 1000 mil...
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Snow melting and summer

28.05.2013 17:25
I'm living the easy life these days here in Breddebugt, or more exactly in the small bay called Qarajaq where my cabin is. This last week has been filled with beautiful sunshine and summer warmth. As I'm sitting outside I'm almost melting away in the warmth together with the snow. The small birds are singing beautifully, announcing that the winter is finally over. Big groups of geese is flying over my head, and late at night I can hear and see the fox around my cabin. Screaming and keeping a clo...
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Yukon Quest part 3

25.05.2013 19:52
We roll out of Slavens in the early hours, it's dark and cold. We are heading for the checkpoint of Circle City. The first place since Dawson were handlers are available. While we have been running on the Yukon River into Alaska, all the handlers have to backtrack from Dawson, down to Whitehorse and into Alaska.
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About Markus

After completing the world toughest sled dog race, the 1000 mile Yukon Quest with 12 dogs and a 6th place finish, I went to Greenland for some adventure with Greenland dogs. I'm now back in Alaska running dogs and loving it!

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