Smiles on the trail

I'mcurrently living in Big Lake, Alaska. Here I'm spending all my time with an amazing group of dogs. Many plans for the coming seasons, so stay tuned.


The summer of 2012 I flew to Whitehorse, Yukon. I went hitchhiking and camping all the way to the community of Fort McPherson, in northern NorthWest Territories. I met some great people along the way, and made friends for life. In the community I experienced some great culture, singing and dancing, and lots of local food. Among other things I participated in two weddings and one funeral, isn't that a movie? I also went on a 2 week paddle on the Peel River, a ways of the Rat river and Husky Channel, before I stayed some days in an old cabin along the river. I saw wolf and bears, and an old trapper, don't know which I was most scared of. After some wonderful days I turned south again, and hitchhiked down to Dawson, and then over the Top of the World highway, to Tok, and on to Big Lake, Alaska. In Big Lake I ran dogs from September 2012 to April 2013. Training some of the sports best athletes, and participating in some great races: Top of the World 350 (8th), Copper Basin 300 (5th), Yukon Quest 1000 miles (6th) and Sheep Mountain 300 (1st).

Spring of 2013 I went to Greenland for two months. Living in a small cabin 4 hours walking north of Ilulissat, and running Greenland dogs in some truly amazing landscape. Memories for a lifetime.

-Even earlier

The fall of 2010 I left my hometown of Kristiansand, 18 years old, to try to sail arround the world for the next 4 years. My goal was the Pacific, Arctic and Antartica. Visiting Alaska, Canada, Chile, Argentina etc. Sorry to say, after visitting Marocco, on my way to Las Palmas I got into a bad storm. My mast broke in the stong winds, and I got towed into the harbour. I was travelling on a very low budget, and a 13.000 USD new mast was not something I could afford. A repair could be done, but it would probably not be strong enough, and brake again. I made the tough decision to sell the boat, and start over. Gather up some more money, and try again.
From the summer of 2011 to Mai 2012 I worked as dog musher and tourist guide in Røros, Norway. Training dogs for the Femund and Finnmarkslopet, and guiding tourists on day trips and overnight trips with dog sled. I got to run the puppies in the short Femund 400km. This was the foundation of a life filled with dogs, its like a drug, you get addicted to the sport.