A year in Greenland

The sun is shining longer for every day that passes, suddenly the winter is over and the summer is getting close. I have spent a wonderful year here in Alaska, training and racing some of the best sled dogs, and meeting some wonderful people. I will truly miss this place, and hope to be back. When I flew over here from Norway last summer, my flight went over Greenland, and the Northwest passage. Coming over the big island, I was almost hanging out of the window. "I have to get to Greenland". In 3 weeks time I will be leaving this great state, headed for Greenland.

First half of April I will be flying out, via Iceland to this small town on the west coast of Greenland, in Disco Bay. Also known as Jakobshavn, the town lays in the newly founded Qaasuitsup municipality, 200 km north of the Arctic circle. Thanks to some wonderful people there, I have been so fortunate to borrow a old cabin, and a couple of tough Greenland Dogs. The cabin I will be staying in, lays a short ways out of town, "Around 2 hours on the sea ice with dog team, depending on the conditions". It is a simple cabin, and needs some repairs before the fall and winter sets in. The summer will therefore be spent doing some repairs, and preparing for the winter. The cabin will be my "base camp" for the next year, a starting point for short and long trips with the dogs.

This will be a totally different year, from the last two. Training dogs for long distance races, fall training on four wheelers. This will be much more recreational, going on long camping trips with the dogs, visiting several villages along the coast, and maybe even some hot springs. I am super excited to meet the people, dogs, experience the culture, see the wildlife and breathtaking scenery of Greenland.
Follow along
I will not have much communication from my cabin. I will have my Spot Connect satellite communicator, which I can send out short messages to my Facebook page. Otherwise, I will update this blog with videos and pictures when Im in Ilulissat.

One Last Race
Before it all is over in Alaska, I am planing one last race. The Sheep Mountain 300, is a (surprise) 300 mile race, up in Sheep Mountain. The SM 150 was cancelled this december, and race manager Zack Steer has rescheduled and put on a 200 and 300 mile qualifier, for all those who needs qualifiers for Iditarod next year. Alex, who also works here on Apex Kennels, needs a qualifier, and when were sending one team in the race, might as well send two. I will be running Jake´s A-string of dogs, who will be going with him in the Kobuk 440 race, which starts in Kotzebue April 11th.