Snow melting and summer

I'm living the easy life these days here in Breddebugt, or more exactly in the small bay called Qarajaq where my cabin is. This last week has been filled with beautiful sunshine and summer warmth.

As I'm sitting outside I'm almost melting away in the warmth together with the snow. The small birds are singing beautifully, announcing that the winter is finally over. Big groups of geese is flying over my head, and late at night I can hear and see the fox around my cabin. Screaming and keeping a close eye on all my movements. If I just make a small move, the fox runs quickly another 30 feet away. Walking long trips in the mountains everyday. How amazing it is to live so close to nature, enjoying every day, and feeling the sun change the color of my face so it matches my red wool shirt, or my red cabin for that matter. Soon I will be totally camouflaged, and I will be totally invincible when sitting outside the cabin, but red is a nice color, so no reason to complain. (Note to self: Buy Sunscreen)

Looking for seal

In the beautiful sunshine we took the dog team out for a trip to Aallaaniarfik in the UNESCO world heritage site of the Ilulissat Ice fjord. It had snowed a lot over night, so it was a heavy trail for the dogs. With us on the sled we had a rifle, ready to look for seals on the ice. In the warm sun, they usually come up on the ice to relax in the warmth. As often happens on a dog ride in Greenland, my jaw was hanging open a lot of the run. What an amazing scenery! Running over lakes, mountains and narrow valleys, incredibly beautiful. As we round a small mountain we can suddenly see the mighty ice fjord. Konrad stops the dogs, and walks in front, leading them the last bit to a point where we can look over the ice. We are not able to spot any seals today. It is a cold wind blowing now that we're out in the open, maybe that's why. We enjoy the magnificent view over the ice fjord anyways for a while, before we turn around and start on the run back home.

Celebrating 17th of may

The big day, Norway's national day have to be celebrated as best as possible, wherever you are, so I did my best. My morning bread got some added cinnamon and sugar to make it festive, and while I ate it I sang quietly for myself on a couple of 17th of may songs. The sun made a showing in the morning, but it quickly retreated and got replaced by snow and strong winds. I enjoyed my book inside the cabin with a warm cup of coffee.