Spring racing in Greenland

Just as we where about to leave on a seal hunt, we heard there was a race going on this weekend. Abandon seal hunt for another day, you never know when the next race will be.The race trail was 3 km (2 miles) and it was a race for couples, 2 people on each sled. The sizes of the teams ranged from 5 to 15.

A big group of people gathered as the race was about to start. It's a Saturday afternoon, and the sun is just barely braking through the clouds. The start is marked by firing a riffle, and all teams (I counted 10) start at once. The whips gets thrown back and forth, not actually whipping the dogs, just the sound of the long leather whip makes them kick it into high gear. Except one team that turns around, the race start goes by without any big problems, and soon they are out of sight.

We walk over to the finish line, and after 10 minutes waiting, we can see the first team running in the horizon. It is Karl Matheusen who comes in first place, and gets a big cheer from the crowd. To celebrate his victory, people lift him high on his sled, all while the dogs can get a deserved rest. All in the top 5 get treated to the honour of being lifted up in the skies on the sled. After the formalities of lifting is done, team after team take of and runs back to they're own dog yards.

Pictures available on my Facebook page.